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Thursday, November 24

Mom, when is Daddy comming home?

Every time you play a game of Hangman, a family of stick-figures loses a father—and we account it as no big deal. Why? How are we killing off our fathers for real? Why should this be a bigger concern than many pay attention to?

Research proves that fathers and mothers are both critical for the most effective parenting.

See Consequenses of Father Absence

The very structural function difference between a man and woman helps to explain why it would be primarily the role of the father/husband to provide. Because men's brains are one-topic-at-once oriented, they are more able to be at work mentally at the same time they are physically, and home mentally at the same time as they are physically. While women's brains are like a big ball of wire. When given both work and home responsibilities, more especially in a dual-income home, work-to-family- and family-to-work spillovers are twice as likely to occur for women. They also cause major exhaustion problems, leaving less energy to put toward organizing harmony in the home and strong family relations. From birth we see evidence of major differences between the genders. A small girl will often instinctively pick up, coddle, and nurture a doll. With boys, we a familiar with a different behavior. He is often likely to be more defensive of it or a territory around it. This is part of God's perfect plan.

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