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Wednesday, December 14

A Family of Two

I grew up in a family of 10. I am one of eight children. More closely approaching the age of marriage, I ponder more what it would be like to live in a family of two. Throughout time that's how most families have started out--just a wife and husband. When individuals think about getting married, I wonder how many talk about starting a family as if a family is only begun once the baby arrives. I suspect these couples miss out on a wonderful opportunity. Once their children are grown, and they're back down to two, are they still a family? When throughout marriage and parenting, if the husband/wife relationship is not valued above being parents, those individuals often find themselves at a loss of what to do with all their extra time as empty nesters. Some lose themselves in work. Some travel the world. I wonder just how many fall back in love with their spouse? This aught to be a time anticipated and prepared for. One of the many joys in this life I observe is seeing an elderly couple, who have gained an abundance of wisdom from persevering parenting and life's challenges together, holding hands and smiling as if they where newlyweds.

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