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Friday, September 30

Perception Reframing: a means to World Peace

“Satir (1964) goes back to the family-of-origin causes and helps the clients to “reframe” (i.e., consider less negative motivations for the behaviors of others) their childhood experiences into more positive and generally truthful memories and then teaches congruent and value-building congruent and value-building communication styles that raise self-esteem”  (“Family Systems Theory”, Chapter 5 of Exploring Family Theories by Suzanne R. Smith, Raiann R. Hamon, Bron B. Ingoldsby & J. Elizabeth Miller).

This definition of 'reframe' is an important aspect in describing the importance to see through new lenses. When we individually review our past with a present perspective, we are enabled to see a more encompassing view of all attributing factors to a particular event or situation. When we reflect, without reliving, our present environment cultivates a third-person perception, which makes it possible for important discoveries of the most effective ways to change the self.

Family Systems Theory (FST)--focusing on social systems and how their interdependent parts maintain order--is one example. Family therapists often utilize this theory to harmonize homes. Although we have all been given opportunity to choose for ourselves our actions, our choices often are influenced by and influence the choices of others in return. When we begin to notice this, we also begin to notice our influential role in our families for better or worse. When we improve ourselves, we improve others, especially on the most basic and foundational levels of energy and example.

The family is the most fundamental unit of society*, thus we are assured that our choice to positively 'reframe' ourselves will in fact influence our families, the societies in which we live, and to any extent the world at large. You want World Peace? It starts within the confines of your own heart and mind--You have a grand position of power!

*A Proclamation to the World:  The Family

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