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Saturday, November 12

Technology: A Blessing?

YES! The leading usage of the Internet is for Genealogy and Family History. Modern society is dependent on technologies other than the Internet as well. Some examples include transportation and medical research advancement. Clearly technology has improved convenience for easy access information, as well as efficiency and quality of daily living. Or has it?

Is technology truly a blessing? The second largest usage of the Internet is for addictive pornography. Chat rooms and other forms of networking, such as Facebook, are sadly often an easy escape for individuals to build seemingly harmless relationships outside of their marriage. Facebook and networking are mostly beneficial;  problems arise when they become a resource of validation and support of any kind taking priority over marital intimacy. This especially becomes the case when there is disharmony in the home, in the marriage, and low-levels of committal self-control applied. One's spouse aught to be the very first individual sought to help meet our needs. One's spouse also aught to be the very first individual we seek to help meet other's needs. One of the basic human needs is to be needed, to feel important and valued. We have an innate desire to make a difference. There is a reason God commanded husband and wife to cleave to one another (Matt 19:5; Mark 10:6-9).

Why has infidelity increased with time? The answer to this question is the same reason the adage 'It takes two to Tango' is a myth. Infidelity begins in one's heart and or mind. Affairs occur probably just as often, if not more often, by means other than physical betrayal, including psychologically, visually, and emotionally. The media often distorts our perception of reality. Danger lurks when we foster the thought "Why can't my husband/wife be more like...?" With time and development of technology, availability of alternative means for immediate gratification are escalating.

Yes, technology is truly a blessing, a tool for excellence.  Just as tools can be used as helpful instruments or as weapons, all  blessings come with greater amounts of responsibility. A successful marriage is work. A successful marriage is also the greatest of all the joys ever accounted for. Though difficult at times, it is a work worth all efforts exerted.

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