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Monday, June 1

Are you my neighbor?...YES!!!

Are you my neighbor?...YES!!! Why are individuals in our society forgetting this? No matter our background or chosen morals, we can all still be friendly, respectful and neighborly to one another. My husband was listening to this podcast about Homophobes (individuals with a fear of those who have chosen homosexual lifestyle). It made me think of how it is possible to be friends with all and still stand up for what you believe. So, let's do it!

The podcast is an interview with a girl from California who wrote a poem called The "H" Word. To listen to the podcast, Click on this link:  RiseUp Podcast – The H Word or go to URL: http://www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/mormon-fair-cast/episodes/riseup-podcast-the-h-word

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