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Saturday, October 29

Preparation for Parenthood

The most successful parenting is prepared and intentional parenting.

Many of the patterns and  routines established in the first year as newlyweds are likely to carry on throughout the duration of the marriage, for better or worse. Because life is busier when children arrive, it is important to build a strong relationship with your spouse before welcoming little ones into the home. Establish such patterns and habits you wish to perpetuate and continue nurturing your marital system all the while your family grows.

There is a reason children come one pregnancy at a time. A new family addition disrupts homeostasis, requiring conscious adaptation. It is wise for a mother to involve her husband throughout the pregnancy, at birth, and in partner parenting (not merely letting him take over when she is worn out). It is important to include the man as much as possible so that he will continue to feel appreciated. As soon as possible after your special delivery is brought home from the hospital, a couple still needs quality time together alone.

Children are a great blessing!

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